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In the last 2 weeks, we have had problems with our website. Basically it was unreachable after a forced WordPress upgrade it seems. We have since moved the site to another App service and disabled most plugins. There might be small items not working correctly if they depended on those plugins. Soon we will be updating the look and feel of this site as well, to make it become a lot more fresh and modern. For any questions or remarks, please feel free to reach us at [email protected]

Top 12 New Years Resolutions for Shelter Dogs

We all set goals for the next year and we all plan on sticking to the plan!  Right?

We did a survey among a number of our shelter dogs at House Of Tails shelter in Thailand for their new years resolutions for 2017 and this is how their barking, growling, biting, nuzzeling, licking, hugging, nudging, blinking, running, rolling in the grass, digging etc etc translated into the list of common new years resolutions for our shelter dogs, although some additional comments and exceptions were added to each of those by their own popular request:

  1. I will always eat my bowl of food. I will try to eat the best bits first and maybe leave the less tasty behind so the humans can clean that up.
  2. I will not steal food from my friends. Unless they are not looking, or to have a taste, or if I am stronger, or if its further away than my bowl or any other reason I come up with.

    Behaving at diner time!
  3. I will try to play a lot with my friends at the shelter. And bark and growl at the same time. Those are the best moments.
  4. I will try to stay away from dangerous animals, such as snakes. Although anything which moves is a potential target. We will protect our humans though!
  5. I will do my best not to sneak out of the shelter and kill the neighbors chickens. Eventhough I am a born hunter and very good at it!
  6. I will not bite my fellow shelter friends to hurt them. Though some get on my nerve and this is how we settle a score sometimes. I know this causes grief and sadness for the humans.
  7. I will try to not stand in the way, or sit in the way, or lay in the way, or do any of those things in places where I am not supposed to. Although we think that if it fits we sits!

    Some examples of us making it fit!
  8. I will undergo medical treatments from my humans or the vet without complaining. I know they have the best intentions. I will still be very nervous at times during transport and at the animal hospital, but I will not bite the humans. Not too much that is.
  9. I will not be too loud. Except for barking at everything and everybody during all times of day, and of course when one dog starts a howl we need to all chip in! We respect our roots.
  10. I will not find a new place for any small object within my reach and I will not chew it up. Yeah right…

    That pillow suddenly came apart and we are innocent
  11. I will do my best to get enough exercise. Playing with my friends, running around the pond and the shelter, swimming, digging holes. I do hope my humans can take a few of us more often to go walking through the mountains, because we love those trips!
  12. I will pose for pictures and videos whenever my humans want. Well, if they are lucky maybe. I may be constantly moving, coming too close or staying too far away, appearing only in the dark or during the day with the sun behind me. Good luck!

Feel free to share the list to the world of animal lovers and be sure to share them with any interested animals at home!

By popular request hereby the link to the slideshow video of the same with more pictures:

Have a browse around our website or our facebook page for more information. Hope you all have a great and happy New Year 2017. Love, hugs and kisses from all the doggies!

Virtual Adoption program to start

Our Virtual Adoption program is about to start.

The page is already active in our top menu, and now we need to fill the section with more dogs and their pictures and stories. There is so much to say! This will take a while to build.

For those who already follow our facebook page you will have seen a lot of these dogs. Most of them are not fit for adoption outside of Thailand, so we setup a Virtual Adoption programme. You can support a dog of your choice or by generic donations to the shelter. You can add your name to a dog or stay anonymous of course. At the top of the page is our Support Us page giving several options for donations through bank, PayPal, creditcard and so on for single donations and for our monthly donation programmes!
Become a sponsor TODAY and help these poor animals get the life they deserve!!!

New donation options

New donation options have been added to the Support Us page.
This includes 3 levels of monthly sponsorship at levels Bronze (part of costs for a dog), Silver (costs for 1 dog), and Gold (costs for 2 dogs). Scroll through the page and you will see the new menu options there. The donation buttons are created for Euro and US Dollar at the same amounts because it is so close and we did not want to confuse too much. There is also a similar page in Dutch language (Nederlands) called Help Ons.

Translated posts

We are trying to make posts and pages and translate them into several languages. The first will be English and Dutch. Would be great if we can find volunteers to translate those in more languages later. If you end up at a page or post you should be able to click the language buttons near the top-right in the menu to move to the other laguage of the same page or post. We made a start with a few pages and will try to get more of them done. We made a start with our donation pages. See the Support Us and Help Ons pages for that.

Results of the MMS 2016 Raffle

Last week at the MMS 2016 in Minneapolis we did a raffle again for the House of Tails.

The raffle made a grand total of 1164 US Dollars, which is a absolutely fantastic result!

We had gifts from several community members to raffle off, such as several books, a wedge mouse, chargers, pen-camera, usb lights, and so on. Also the MMS organization entered a 100% and a 50% acccess ticket for next years MMS 2017 and also donated a percentage of the sales of the jackets in the last hours of the MMS. A huge thanks to Brian Mason as main representative for the MMS organization for making it possible to do the raffle, for getting the word out, and of course adding those fantastic prizes to the raffle!

I want to do a call out to the help of the ladies of Do Good Events. These ladies organize so much at and around the MMS and do an amazing job of that! Next to all they were doing they jumped in and added their enthusiasm to this raffle and managed the ticket sales and did shout-outs in social media! Also in handling the raffle itself. Kalsey Beach as president of Do Good Events and all of her team – huge thanks to all of you!

Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle!
And huge huge thanks to all those who donated to the House of Tails. We will make sure every dollar goes to building up the shelter and feeding the dogs and giving them a good life.
70 dogs who all love you very very much!

Satellite image of our shelter

Looks like only a few weeks ago some new satellite pictures were made over Thailand. While checking google maps the satellite view showed us the new picture.


The shelter is the red roof.
To make clear where we are currently I added a few lines to the picture below:


The red line is the total surface of the shelter.
The green line is the current fenced area, including the part with the roof over it which also contains the kitchen and two rooms.
The blue dotted line is where we are building the first wall.. the wall to the front of the property so we can close the front and use it to let the dogs run free in that area safely. The triangle shape to the right is a pond we dug because we needed the sand to elevate other parts of the area and we could use the water to let the dogs swim and cool off.

AT the time of this writing we only had the funds to do half of the blue line wall and we are looking for a 2200 Euro to finish the rest of the front-wall. Otherwise we can not release the dogs from the Green line area into the bigger area to the right. There are a few dogs walking there now, but only those who absolutely do not wander off.

Succesful raffle at the MMS 2015 event!

Last week a group of friends suddenly came up with an idea to do a raffle at a tech event in Minneapolis (Midwest Management Summit) for our charity. Within hours several items were collected and calls were made. At the event itself a table was reserved for us and vendors at the event chipped in with cool things to add to the raffle. In all we had enough things to cover all of the raffle tickets sold.  At least 300 Dollar worth of items have been donated in a very short time.

Thank you all so very much for making all of this possible on an ad hoc basis. In all we raised 500 US Dollars which will go to the dog sanctuary House of Tails in Thailand. It was truly heartwarming.
Thank you to all MVPs, community leaders, the MMS organization, the Vendors in the hallway, the Do Good Events organization and of course all donors to the raffle for the good cause!

It was really amazing that a technical community can come together so quickly to arrange things like this for a completely not-tech related charity in a true community spirit.

Pictures will follow!

What does it take to keep dogs alive?

What does it take to keep dogs alive?

Well the first answer anybody can imagine is simply food and water right?
Alright let’s start there.
We currently can only afford the most basic food which is cooked rice and chicken. We cook loads of it. To feed 70 dogs twice a day.

Cooking food for the dogs
Cooking food for the dogs

So they are cooked separately and mixed together in their bowl so they can eat. Of course the dogs get tired of it, so a better situation would be ability to mix a bit of pork/liver/fish for instance on some days. Or give them some dry or canned dog food on some days.

There are several reasons. One is a diversity in food gives them better and more nutrients. This makes them healthier and stronger, improves disease resistance and so on. A side reason they need this is that they need good blood values also before a sterilization procedure. One of the things outside of food are the ticks which make blood values drop quick. We are fighting parasites or different kinds but that is a topic for another day.

Next to food of course drinking water is important. Meaning several buckets and other spurces of water scattered throughout the living space of the dogs. It needs to be easy to access and the multiple locations is to avoid conflicts between the animals. Currently there are four main sources of water which we are battling with for different reasons.

  1. City water supply. We are not yet connected to it, but aim to. For part of the year there is no pressure.
  2. Water well with pump. We have a project listed to get this done. Meanwhile we are preparing to share a well with a neighbor and pump it through a hose to us.
  3. Army provided water. This is what we have been using for months now. It is a storage tank you can request to be filled. The tank owner wants the tank back, so we need a new one. This is not ideal because of low pressure and you can only use a limited amount of water on the highest priority items, like cooking and washing food bowls.

    Tank for water
    Tank for water
  4. Rain water. We have little to no possibilities to catch and store this now. There is a pond, which the dogs can later use to cool down and drink from. They can not access this until we fence or wall that area so they do not wander off.

    Rain water capture
    Rain water capture

So as it turns out food and water are basic needs as you all imagine. However we still have challenges with these items.

What does it cost now for purely rice+chicken+water per month? Near 10 Euro or US Dollar per month per dog is the answer.

The rest of our operating cost come from other items such as electricity, communication, transport, basic health and keeping the human caretakers alive (meaning basic food and drink). Together with this the operating costs are about 20 Euro/Dollar per month per dog.

We are in dire need of sponsors and donors to cover the monthly running costs. And as you see we are looking to implement one time solutions around for instance water.

That’s it for todays episode.