Logo Challenge

Challenge yourself! Want to have FUN helping a charity for FREE? We have a challenge to create a suitable logo for our animal charity supporting abandoned dogs, called “House of Tails”. So if you have a few minutes to spare can you create a draft for a logo idea and submit it to us? Can send it to [email protected]

What we are looking for:

  • A logo which reflects the name of the organization “House of Tails”
  • Can be used to stamp on pictures and such, so would be good if it applies in smaler sizes as well. Also means the final result will be a computer image which can be streched and resized.
  • Can it have a dogs theme? a paw, a tail, a nice curl.
  • Main color preferred to be a positive color
  • Drafts can be simple pencil scetches and a picture of it is good.

11693103_1053693697998254_637622324_n (1)


This is Sai Bua, Daughter of KongKeng and granddaughter of Heng. Sweet little dog 🙂

Thank you for a great challenge

Last week a friend of this charity decided with his family and friends to start a challenge. The challenge was to get as many donations as possible for the dog sanctuary and if 500 US dollar was reached it would receive another 500 from their side. The challenge would last for 3 days.

All parties did a lot of blogging and posting on facebook, twitter, linkedin and some word of mouth.

The end result was around 1150 Euro including the 500 Dollar from the Zerger family. It was fantastic to see so many friends to come together to make this possible. Truly heart warming!