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As of 21 September 2015 we are an official Foundation in the Netherlands. Stichting House of Tails, with working name House of Tails.

Our goals are stated as follows:

“1a. To promote animal welfare in general and of dogs in particular, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
1b. Taking any further actions which are related to the above in the broadest sense or which can conducive to its goals.”

Our policy document is public and can be found on this page. Next to this we have a document with our current projects list including costs estimates and a very preliminairy planning.

Policy document for Stichting House of Tails

Projects list Stichting House of Tails

As a foundation we support an anila shelter, which is a very important project. It is caled Baan Haang Kradik (house of wagging tails) and is located in Thailand. It is a dog sanctuary and below is their story.

History of Baan Haang Kradik

This is how the story started for our dog rescue. See the pictures below. This is a picture of our neighborhood in Nonthaburi Thailand from about a year ago from a sattelite image. A small very narrow side street from a main road.


The next picture shows our house in the middle in green, part of our small street in red, and the affected area in blue.


Two years ago the shopping mall area near the bottom of the picture was created. About a year ago the rest of the blue area was sold to a project contractor to build a housing area. All existing houses on this piece of land would have to be torn down (many were illegally built), so the people in that area moved out. Leaving the dogs they cared for where they were for a large part. These are streetdogs mainly, but they were cared for daily by a group of people. About since a year all the area above the red line and the piece of blue area to the right of it were cleared and construction has started. The dogs are no longer welcome in that area and they are chased away from the shopping mall area as well. Basically all that is left is the red line itself, where the horizontal part of that red line is so narrow the dogs cant sit or lay down there because there is no space left to either side if a car drives through that street (about 5 centimeters to either side of the car between concrete walls and the mirrors of a small family car).

These dogs were suffering from not enough food and drink, and certainly not regular enough. Also some were sick with infections and what happened was that pups and some grown dogs got hit by cars as well. They have a lot of ticks as well. The only help these dogs were getting was some irregular droppings of food by people taking pitty, but nothing else was done with them. My wife could no longer see them suffer and started to take care of all of them.

My wifes father lives about 90 kilometers outside of the city in a rural area, and it has some space to use for the dogs around the house. At first there was nothing there except two lines of barbed wire around part of the property. The dogs at least had space to run around. Only problem was that there is a street right in front where a lot of trucks move up and down, and these dogs are not afraid to walk onto the road. Also they seemed to bark at anything moving on the road, also probably because they see it as their territory. This includes any movement on the road on the other side of the canal in front.


We decided we needed to fix up the place a bit to make it more suitable for the new purpose.

We started with a partly closed fence at the front, so at least they would not run onto the road at every second of the day and had to walk around it to get there. Also because it partly obstructs their view they do not bark at every movement on the road anymore. Also the gate was broken and on the floor, so that got fixed to at least serve its purpose again.


Also we needed a place to separate the one or two dogs we brought over each time from the rest so they could get used to each other and to the people on site.

Next step was to create a fenced area right in front of the house to keep a few of the dogs safe from each other and also from visiting people. Especially when dogs have had a medical procedure they could be separated as well.


In this picture the main part is a fenced area with a table in it, so the dogs can go under and on top of the table. This part is completely under the roof in front of the house, so it is dry. Also where the picture is taken from is in front of the house with a roof over it. The part to the left behind this picture is an area with sand and trees also within a fence, but open to the elements. There is a gate between the inside area and the outside area which we can open so they can move in and out there. Only problem is that the outside fence is a little too low. There are two dogs with the strength and agility to jump the fence at will. We will have to fix that later. The area is in the picture below.


Next we went ahead and took care of some of the water problems we had. All waste water accumulated on the land itself and this did not create a healthy environment. So a sewage line was dug out and later covered again with ground.

After this we went ahead and created two more fenced areas for some of the dogs. Mind you they are not always staying in these fenced areas, many times the gates are open and they can move around all over. A good example of our use of these areas is again dogs which had medical procedures done and dogs who are in heat (the ones who have not yet been sterilized). We do still get pups now and then, but more and more of them get sterilized now.

Below are some pictures of the other fenced area (now known as the place where Mongkut lives, which is the dog in the first picture). My wife actually slept on that “bed” every night in the open air for weeks to take care of the dog in the picture.


And the dog house:

The big turn around

In February 2015 there was a big turn around in our situation. There were a number of people who wanted us gone and threatened with severy harm to both humans and dogs and worse. Within several hours the dogs were split up in 3 groups and immediately relocated to different places. This was temporary. Two of the groups came together at a far away province where we were promissed a location where they could stay. After being kept in the dark for a month it turned out there was no way we could stay there.

In April 2015 we found a small patch of land of 3000 square meters in yet another far away province to start all over.
All weeds were cleared and a hole was dug for a pond. We needed the sand to raise the elevation of the other part of land. On the piece in the middle a roof was built and a small area around it was fenced off. Until now this is where most or all of the dogs have to stay. Because the dogs are curious they tend to get in trouble by walking around (killing chickens of neighbors, walking into the street and so on). We had to lock them up in the small fenced area which is a big problem.

As a Foundation we created plans. This is part of our policy document 2015. The policy document is a guideline on how we run the Foundation, but we also defined a projects list and monthly costs of this dog sanctuary and a preliminairy planning. We need this to make the sanctuary good to live for animals and humans.

These dogs have been abandoned by humans and did not have a regular life, no regular food and drink, contact, mediacal care, and a roof. With all these dogs there is not one which is agressive to humans. Some dogs are shy now due to people having beaten them a lot in the past. These dogs are now in our care and are happy somebody cares about them. They are grateful dogs. We try to make this a safe place for the animals where they still have some freedom and health. A roof against the rain and sun and a little spot to sleep perhaps even with a little blanket. But also somebdoy who cares for them and talks to them. These animals do not do tricks and are also not of special breeds. They deserve a good or normal life and try to forget as many bad memories of the past as possible.

Any help in which ever way would be very welcome. We feel really strongly about this good cause and hope you do too.

Here is how you can help:

Through the button at the top of the page called Support Us are all details.

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