Logo Challenge

Challenge yourself! Want to have FUN helping a charity for FREE? We have a challenge to create a suitable logo for our animal charity supporting abandoned dogs, called “House of Tails”. So if you have a few minutes to spare can you create a draft for a logo idea and submit it to us? Can send it to [email protected]

What we are looking for:

  • A logo which reflects the name of the organization “House of Tails”
  • Can be used to stamp on pictures and such, so would be good if it applies in smaler sizes as well. Also means the final result will be a computer image which can be streched and resized.
  • Can it have a dogs theme? a paw, a tail, a nice curl.
  • Main color preferred to be a positive color
  • Drafts can be simple pencil scetches and a picture of it is good.

11693103_1053693697998254_637622324_n (1)


This is Sai Bua, Daughter of KongKeng and granddaughter of Heng. Sweet little dog 🙂

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