2021 – Staff building

The past year we have been working slowly on a staff building where we can house a volunteer or a staff member.
The wishes for this were a roof and walls, and very basic amenities. Also a small room as bathroom is needed, because the other one is quite far away and past several doors and in the middle of the dogs main area.

This is what is there at this moment (end July 2021). Most of the roof is on, but a little bit still needs to be done (needs metal for welding). Next the rooms need walls and a door. And to the right of that needs to make a bathroom. The bathroom needs to have a deep hole dug for the waste, because there is not sewage pipes out here in the middle of nowhere.

TO make it somewhat livable it needs about 850 Euro. This is bricks for walls with cement, a door, labor, metal for roof, a few poles for bathroom, a toilet, and digging a hole and putting concrete in there.

Of course it still needs more work, but this is the basics. We need this done so we can get Deng and Joaht to come in as a married couple and they will do the dishes (food bowl), and cook rice and other small stuff around the place. This will help Oarn, who can not do everything on his own.

Also we will be arranging cutting the grass, because we had yet another cobra snake come in and a dog got killed. Also we will buy a wheelbarrow to carry around things in the shelter, such as dog bowls with food (x70) and construction materials such as bricks. These two will go into general costs, but are also about 200 Euro.