Succesful raffle at the MMS 2015 event!

Last week a group of friends suddenly came up with an idea to do a raffle at a tech event in Minneapolis (Midwest Management Summit) for our charity. Within hours several items were collected and calls were made. At the event itself a table was reserved for us and vendors at the event chipped in with cool things to add to the raffle. In all we had enough things to cover all of the raffle tickets sold.  At least 300 Dollar worth of items have been donated in a very short time.

Thank you all so very much for making all of this possible on an ad hoc basis. In all we raised 500 US Dollars which will go to the dog sanctuary House of Tails in Thailand. It was truly heartwarming.
Thank you to all MVPs, community leaders, the MMS organization, the Vendors in the hallway, the Do Good Events organization and of course all donors to the raffle for the good cause!

It was really amazing that a technical community can come together so quickly to arrange things like this for a completely not-tech related charity in a true community spirit.

Pictures will follow!

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