Support us!

Please help us support these sweet and vulnerable animals! For our monthly sponsoring plans check out some of our recommended options below (these work through PayPal and Creditcard). For single donations or other possibilities like bank transfers just scroll below. The monthly donation options are listed as US Dollar and Euro, and donation options are given in both Euro and US Dollar with the same amounts.

Direct PayPal transfer or pay through creditcard:
[email protected]

For any one-time random amount donation use the below two buttons (select the currency). For recurring/monthly donations scroll down.

In EURO In US Dollar

For European direct bank transfers:
House Of Tails
ING Bank Netherlands

For Thai direct bank transfers:
Amporn Chompanthong
Bangkok Bank Nonthaburi
Account number = 1940773607
PromptPay 0896690803 (Thai bank direct bookings)

CryptoCurrency – We also accept CryptoCurrency if you prefer that.

BTC 3DidrGtdYH2VnAhu3PVMuXPwxjskHqhbY3
DOGE DTcPc1G6vEKxT68kUZMHxhDuK6exSxyFdp


We have several pre-defined monthly donation possibilities listed below. From our Scratch/Bark/Howl levels to our Bronze/Silver/Gold level donations listed in the tables below. Of course it is always possible to go into PayPal and define whatever you want.

Scratch Donor
Scratch in Euro
Scratch in USD
Bark Donor
Bark in Euro
Bark in USD
Howl Donor
Howl in Euro
Howl in USD

And the second list:

Bronze Sponsor
per month
Help us by sponsoring monthly costs
Some food
Some medication
Bronze in Euro
Bronze in USD
Silver Sponsor
per month
Help us by sponsoring ONE DOG for a whole month
Daily food
Basic medication
Silver in Euro
Silver in USD
Gold Sponsor
per month
Help us by sponsoring TWO DOGS for a whole month
Daily food
Basic medication
Gold in Euro
Gold in USD

And in general:

If you know of any other ways to help out, please get in touch with us through [email protected] or find us at

Hugs and kisses from the dogs!

7 thoughts on “Support us!”

  1. Ik heb jullie inmiddels ook bekend gemaakt in een europese groep van adopetrs en supports op Facebook: International Street Dog Adopters Support Group.
    PS: hebben jullie SOi Dog Foundation in Phuket al benaderd?

    1. Ik heb de aanvraag voor lidmaatschap van die facebook pagina gedaan net.
      Ik volg Soi Dog al lang, maar heb geen persoonlijk contact gehad, evenals de organisatie in Rayong Thailand.
      Ieder advies is goed advies!

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